Murrayville, Victoria

Gateway to the Big Desert Wilderness Park and
home to basketballer Rachel Sporn

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Murrayville streescape and silos
Murrayville streescape and silos
This Mallee town is described as the gateway to the Victorian outback. Murrayville is a thriving rural town frequented by four-wheel drive enthusiasts, naturalists and other visitors who come to see the area's wildflowers, wildlife, and sunsets. It is situated between the Murray Sunset National Park and the Big Desert State Forest.

From July to December the local bush is ablaze with wildflowers, wattle in bloom and hop bushes covered in colourful seed pods. No need for a four-wheel drive - some of the area's best wildflowers grow within the town perimeter.

Big Desert State Forest, Victoria
Big Desert State Forest, Victoria

Nearby Big Desert Wilderness Park and surrounds is home to diverse flora, including banksias, casuarinas, mint bushes, emu bushes, correas, blue star shaped halgonias, boronias, heaths, tea trees, quandongs, small yellow star shaped silver phebalium, hakeas, grevilleas and melaleucas. The mallee scrub is home to abundant wildlife, including emus, kangaroos, Mitchell's hopping-mice and lizards. Many bird species are present, including wrens, honeyeaters, whistlers, parrots and mallee fowl.

Explore the local history with a trip out of the town to UNESCO award-winning Kow Plains Homestead at the nearby historic township of Cowangie. Cross the border into South Australia to see Pinnaroo, a large museum complex that houses four historic collections including a printing museum devoted to the preservation of letterpress printing.

Murrayville Hotel, Victoria
Murrayville Hotel, Victoria

Murrayville History

Murrayville was settled in 1910 and named after the Premier of Victoria at the time, John Murray. Settlers lived in tents then erected shelters from materials at hand.

Despite having low rainfall, the area has reliable underground water. As well as grain and sheep, the area supports less conventional farming enterprises including olives, goats, permaculture and potatoes.

Facilities: Banks - Commonwealth • Fuel • Accommodation
Visitor Information - Information boards posted opposite the hotel on the highway
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Murrayville Services

  • Murrayville Friendly Grocer
    McKenzie Street, Murrayville VIC 3512
    Ph: (03) 5095 2133
  • Murrayville Caravan Park
    Reed Street, Murrayville VIC 3512
    Ph: (03) 5095 2126
    Mob: 0439 952 126
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