Travel Tips

Some parts of the Murray Mallee are quite remote so taking precautions for travelling is strongly advisable. Speed cameras, red light cameras and random drug and alcohol tests operate through Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. Hitch-hiking is illegal. Obey speed limits as indicated.

The most serious danger on the road is fatigue. Look for driver refreshment stations, pull off and rest
Be careful when driving on country roads at night. Cattle and native animals such as kangaroos are always present
  Car lights blind and mesmerise the animals and they may run any direction
Never leave children or animals in vehicles as very hot weather causes dehydration quickly
Some roads are remote. Always advise someone at the destination. DO NOT leave your vehicle if stranded
Protect against sunburn at all times, but especially in summer
Use a wide brimmed hat, 30+ sunscreen, sunglasses, protective clothes and shoes
Australian sunlight has very high UV levels and skin damage occurs rapidly, especially during the middle of the day
Always carry plenty of drinking water
When swimming in the Murray be aware of strong currents and possible river snags and debris
Fishing permits are required in Victoria and New South Wales. Obtained through local tackle or sports shops
24/7 fuel in Ouyen, Mildura, Pinnaroo, Tailem Bend & Balranald

Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly Restrictions

To protect Australia’s horticultural industry, there are fruit and vegetable restrictions across state borders. You may not enter these areas or cross state borders with tropical and temperate fruits (including mangos, avocados, grapes and berries), pome fruits (such as apples, pears and quince), citrus fruits, stone fruits (including apricots and peaches) and fruiting vegetables such as capsicums, chillies, eggplants, tomatoes and tamarillos). Disposal bins are provided near Pinnaroo entering SA for unwanted fruit and vegetables. On the spot fines apply. Visit

4wd trye pressure
Off-Road Mellee Tracks

4 Wheel Driving – head off the highway


The parks of the mallee provide opportunities for people to enjoy peaceful and remote places. Remember to carefully plan your trip so that your visit will be a safe and enjoyable experience. We recommend that you visit the mallee parks in the cooler months. During this time the temperature is much more comfortable, the fire danger is lower and the wildflowers are in bloom.


You can help protect the environment by reducing tyre pressure as soon as you enter the park. You will also find it easier to drive in sand with tyres deflated to approximately 15-18 psi (105-120 kpa). Please remember to reinflate tyres prior to leaving the park.


As you travel through the mallee parks you will see a number of tracks that have restricted access. Some of these are for emergency access during fires. The soil on these tracks is fragile, and easily eroded. Damage to these tracks will affect the safety of emergency personnel and volunteers. Please stay on clearly marked tracks.


If you get lost or your vehicle breaks down, there is no water, no passing traffic and few distinguishing features in the landscape. Temperatures can be extreme in summer and there is the risk of wildfires. Take a map, compass and water, tell someone you are going and check road conditions before you set off. Please note that vehicles are prohibited in 'wilderness' zones and 'remote' and 'natural' areas. More 4WD Tips from Parks Victoria here.

Note: Regular fuel available at Mildura, Swan Hill, Ouyen, Pinnaroo, Tailem Bend and Balranald

distance chart

Fire Danger Season

Usually 1 November to 30 April (Check CFS Hotline: 1300 362 361)

Wood fires are not permitted throughout the fire danger season.

Total Fire Bans are broadcast as necessary from 6 pm during the fire danger season and apply for 24 hours, from midnight to midnight the following day. They are broadcast on radio and television and are printed in the morning press. Be aware that if extreme weather conditions develop suddenly, such as high winds and high temperatures a ‘Total Fire Ban’ could be announced as late as 7am on the morning of the ban.

The Border Track is closed throughout the fire season.
Please use an alternative route if travelling through the park during this time.

Usually 1 May to 31 October (Check CFS Hotline: 1300 362 361)

When lighting a camp fire please remember:

Conserve fallen timber as this is important habitat for wildlife
Bring your own firewood or restrict collection of firewood to the firebreaks that run along the edge of some tracks
Do not cut standing trees
Use fire rings where provided
Always construct your camp fire at least four metres away from existing vegetation
When a fire is alight you must stay with it, and ensure that you have enough water to put it out
Ensure fires are completely extinguished before leaving your camp site.

Keeping our Future Alive ~ Protection of our Mallee

Much of our remaining mallee vegetation grows on fragile sandy soil. The plant cover helps stabilise the sandy soils. Damage to this vegetation can lead to shifting sands, eventually creating large blowouts. Please tread lightly on sandy tracks and trails. Motorcycle Trail Bikes are an exciting way to travel through the mallee. However, for the benefit of the parks and your own safety the following guidelines apply:

All bikes must be registered
Stay on the clearly marked tracks to avoid damage to vegetation
Avoid riding near campgrounds so that you do not disturb other park users.

We ask your cooperation in observing park regulations, which have been designed to ensure that you enjoy your visit while helping to conserve our natural environment. Information signage is provided in all parks.

Mallee and Murray Visitor Centres & Services

  • informationTailem Bend
    Visitor Information Centre

    87-79 Railway Tce, Tailem Bend
    SA 5260 • Phone (08) 8572 4277
    Open: 7 days - 10am-4pm

    informationLameroo - Dolly's Golden
    Rain Tree Crafts & Heritage

    45 Chandos Tce, Lameroo SA 5302
    Phone (08) 8576 3699
    Open: Mon-Fri 9.30am - 5pm
    Sat - 9.30am - 12 noon

  • informationPinnaroo - Mallee Tourist and
    Heritage Centre

    Railway Tce South
    Pinnaroo SA 5304
    Phone (08) 8577 8644
    Open: Monday-Saturday 10am-1pm

    informationMildura Visitor Information Centre
    180-190 Deakin Ave,
    Mildura VIC 3500
    Phone 1800 039 043
    Open: 7 days - Mon-Fri 9am 5.30pm
    Weekend & Public Hols 9am - 5pm

  • informationOuyen Visitor Information Centre
    16 Oke Street,
    Ouyen Victoria 3490
    Phone (03) 5092 2006

    Emergency Services
    RAA / RACV: 13 11 11
    Ambulance: 000
    Police: Pinnaroo - (08) 8577 8077
    Police: Ouyen - (03) 5092 2502
    Lameroo Hospital: (08) 8576 4600
    Ouyen Hospital: (03) 5092 1111

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Southern Mallee Southern Mallee District Council
Day Street, Pinnaroo SA 5304
Ph: (08) 8577 8002
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