Underbool, Victoria

Underbool is the Gateway to the Pink Lakes

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Tutye to Ouyen
Pink Salt Lakes near Underbool, Mallee, Victoria
Pink Salt Lakes near Underbool, Mallee, Victoria
Underbool is the Gateway to the Pink Lakes and Murray-Sunset National park. The Pink Lakes appear pink under certain conditions, and are best in winter and in spring when the wildflowers are in bloom. The wildlife and birdlife is abundant around the lakes. Underbool is proud of its history and pioneers this is displayed in the grassed area along the highway.

The Pioneeer and Early Settlement Memorial was erected in honour of the pioneers, who through vision, courage and strength triumphed over hardships to settle this district. To the west of the Memorial there is a replica of the train used by Sailor Salt Co. to transport salt from Lake Becking to Linga Railway Station c1922-30 and you will see a scrub roller and a domestic water cart and you’ll find the towns police cells that were decommissioned in 2000. A visit to the cemetery to view the gates that came from the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is worth while.

Underbool pioneers memorial, Victoria
Underbool pioneers memorial, Victoria

Caravan and camping facilities are also along the Highway next to the toilets & showers. The shop across from the grassed area supplies takeaway meals, groceries and house the Post Office. The hotel serves meals but has no accommodation, fuel is available at the garage & Holden dealer ship which  has been in the Gloster family since 1925.

A road south from Underbool takes the traveller through Daalko, Gunner's Plains, Pine Plains to Patchewollock and the northern camp-ground of Wyperfield. Travellers hould be aware that parts of this route (Gunner's to Pine Plains) is suitable only for 4WD.

Underbool Hotel, Mallee, Victoria
Underbool Hotel, Mallee, Victoria

Underbool History

The railway was the focal point of the new township. Along with the arrival of the first settlers, enterprising pioneers established businesses. Fresh bread, meat and other essentials came by construction train from Ouyen. Settlers unable to meet the train could obtain fresh supplies from the first store - a tent set up in the railway yard in 1911 by J.F. Cotter. A Railway Refreshment Room at the station was run by Mr. Andy Jones who had the first licence to sell intoxicating liquor. A large brick cellar under the Station Office was used to keep stores cold.

The development of the township continued as other settlers obtained township allotments and began to establish a variety of businesses along, Cotter, Malkin and Mossop Streets.

Pine Plains Lodge & Wyperfield Park

Pine Plains Lodge
O'Sullivan's Pine Plains Lodge

O'Sullivan’s Pine Plains Lodge is hand hewn from local timber, and built in drop log style, as was the original Pine Plains Homestead. A number of original thatched buildings and relics of the days of the Pine Plains Station, first leased in 1847 remain.

Pine Plains was the closest pastoral run to Kow Plains, mail was brought on horseback from Dimboola to both properties by a 14 year old boy Hugh O’Sullivan who later purchased Pine Plains Run in 1914. Areas of freehold still remain in the O’Sullivan family, and the grazing lease was added to the existing Wyperfield National Park in 1996. As a consequence of this action, the late Tim O’Sullivan started building the Lodge.

The self catering Lodge surrounded by the National Park, provides a friendly base to enjoy Mallee Hospitality, learn about the history of a pastoral station property, explore the wonders of the Park, witness first hand - Major Mitchell’s cockatoos, whose favoured breeding grounds are native pine trees and view the night skies from the observatory.

Access to Pine Plain is from Underbool via the Patchewollock Underbool Road just West of the town and then via Gunners Track which is suitable only for 4WD distance 36km or from Walpeup to Patchewolock and then to Pine Plains on bitumen road.

Please phone Susan / Adrian (03) 5084 1216 for bookings

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