Things To Do

Great Mallee Experiences

Visit Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village
Call in on the UNESCO Heritage award-winning Kow Plains Homestead at Cowangie
Play a round of golf at the 18 hole course in Lameroo
Have a bite to eat at the award-winning Pinnaroo Bakery
Explore Pinnaroo's Mallee Tourist and Heritage Centre
Find the church in Underbool that the legendary RM Williams helped to build when he was 13
See Australia's largest Mallee stump in Ouyen
Walk through the Dryland Gardens at Walpeup, see the classic WWI 'welcome home' banner and tapestry mural
Experience the beauty of the Pink Lakes
Stand underneath one of the many massive wheat silos

Visit our friendly visitor information centres
Get to understand our colonial heritage at Dolly's Golden Rain Tree Crafts & Heritage or the Mallee Heritage Centre
Learn all about Letterpress Printing with one of Australia's best collections in Pinnaroo
Take one of the 4 self-guided Lameroo town walks and explore our past, today and future
How about a round of golf at the greened 18 hole Lameroo golf course or Pinnaroo's 9 hole course
Maybe, definately a bite to eat at the famous Pinnaroo Bakery
Munch on a picnic lunch at Geranium
Experience some of the best preserved Mallee landscapes in the world at the Ngarkat Conservation Park
See if you can find a kangaroo, emu or mallee fowl in one of our Conservation Parks
Get up early one morning, see the sunrise and listen to the country start to wake up.
Take your camera as we've got some of the best sunrises you'll ever experience.
Discover some interesting points of interest in the region including Wilkawatt, Parrakie, Yappara, Karte, Guarrai, Parilla Well and Baan Hill
Stop in at one of few but unique country pubs. Say 'cheers' with a cold drink and local experience.
Find yourself one of the 300 species of Mallee Flowers in spring
Reminisce at a country show at Pinnaroo in October
Get the time right and you can experience the famous Pinnaroo Spudfest.


Murray Mallee Golf Courses

  • Tailem Bend Golf Club
    Holes 9; Length (m) 5403; Par 70
    Parkland Street, Tailem Bend, SA 5260
    Phone (08) 8572 3115


    Lameroo Golf Club
    Holes 18; Length (m) 5513; Par 71
    Chandos Terrace, Lameroo, SA 5302
    Phone (08) 8576 3470


    Pinnaroo Golf Club
    Holes 18; Length (m) 5748; Par 73
    Devon Terrace, Pinnaroo, SA 5304
    Phone (08) 8577 8272

  • Murrayville Golf Club
    Holes 9 (x2); L (m) 5858; Par 74
    Murrayville Recreation Reserve
    Murrayville, Victoria 3512

    Phone (03) 5095 2020

    Underbool Golf Club
    Holes 9 (x2); L (m) 5844; Par 72
    Monash Avenue,
    Underbool, Victoria 3509
    Phone (03) 5094 6264


    Ouyen Golf Club
    Holes 18; Length (m) 5892; Par 71
    Dvakers Street, Ouyen, Victoria 3490
    Phone (03) 5092 1068

  • Manangatang Golf Club
    Holes 18; Length (m) 5211; Par 69
    Recreation Reserve Sports Road,
    Manangatang, Victoria 3546
    Phone (03) 5035 1469


    Tooleybuc Sports & Golf Club
    Holes: 9; Length (m) 4647;
    Par 66; ACR 64
    Lockhart Road, Tooleybuc NSW 2736
    Public golf course open 7 days
    Phone (03) 5030 5476

Mallee Tracks Book

A Wanderer's and Traveller's Guide to the South Australian and Victorian Mallee

The authors have lived, taught and farmed in the Mallee country for more than 30 years. During this time have unearthed a wealth of information on the region's pioneers, flora and fauna, things to do and places of interest. Some of these places are well known, others can be considered to be off the 'beaten track'.

Nineteen individual tours are described with detailed track notes pointing out places of interest along the way. There is a good mixture of 4WD and car touring options.

A great feature of the book is background information on many of the old Mallee towns, some of which have survived and others which have gone, but not necessarily forgotten. The book reveals clues as to the identity of many former towns in the way of ruins, building sites, old graves, and neglected sporting grounds. Area of coverage includes Sunset Country, Big Desert, Wyperfeld, Mallee Highway, Pinnaroo, Ngarkat and Billiatt.

Soft cover 228 pages plus index
Full colour 240mm X 170mm
ISBN 0 646 42023 2

south australia - victoria
south australia - victoria
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Day Street, Pinnaroo SA 5304
Ph: (08) 8577 8002
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